Arrest made in Sofia bank robbery: Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov

Arrest made in Sofia bank robbery: Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov

13 February 2020 | 14:09 | FOCUS News Agency
Sofia. The suspected robber of a Sofia bank office has been arrested, Secretary General Chief Commissioner Ivaylo Ivanov said at a press briefing. The chief commissioner had a meeting with representatives of the banking sector security, Focus News Agency reported.

"As early as yesterday, the suspect was identified and detained. I thank not only the colleagues of the Sofia Directorate of the Interior, but also to the National Police, who are invariably involved in such serious criminal offences, for their swift response," Ivanov said.

"The perpetrator has been identified. We believe that at this point we have irrefutable evidence. The materials are to be reported to the Prosecutor's Office. Since receiving the call, the prosecutors have been notified and all our actions have been carried out under their supervision, including the search. Every one of our actions was consulted to make sure that what we find would be adequate, would be collected in the proper manner and then we would have no problems in court," he said.

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