Mi-17 helicopter of Bulgarian Air Forces to help contain wildfire in Rila

Mi-17 helicopter of Bulgarian Air Forces to help contain wildfire in Rila

16 September 2019 | 11:36 | FOCUS News Agency
Kyustendil. A Mi-17 helicopter of Krumovo Air Force Base took off at 08:56 am Sunday and until 1:48 pm was part of the operation to contain the wildfire in the Dry Lake area in Rila National Park, said the press office of the Ministry of Defence. It dumped over 12 tonnes of water over the area engulfed by the flames in five flights. The crew was commanded by majors Yordanov and Tsankov.
The call about the fire was received at about 9:00 on 14 September. It broke out in the higher part of the mountain and was therefore difficult to access. By about 09:00 pm last night it had been localised to an area of 9 to 10 dekares.

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